Ukrnaftoburinnya and DTEK Trading contested Ukrtransgaz’s tenders

On August 9, 2018, Ukrtransgaz was urged to canceled the results of its 4 contested tenders for UAH 6.1 bil worth procurement of 484 mil cbm of natural gas, as reported on the ProZorro electronic bid portal. The two tenders were contested by Ukrnaftoburinnya, as stating about evident breaches in procedures for conducting procurement bids. Ukrnaftoburinnya challenged Ukrtransgaz, since the later allegedly did not have valid grounds to rejected the acceptance of Ukrnaftoburinnya’s bid proposals, thus barring the company from participation in the tender. The complaint have been filed, and the date of its review is still being scheduled. The other tender was invalided by complaint from DTEK Trading, whose bid participation was barred based on the alleged non-compliance of bank guarantee for the bid participation submittals. DTEK Trading stated that the refusal for admittance was groundless, biased, subjective, and conflicting the law and rules for procurement bids. DTEK Trading contests all Ukrtransgaz’s neglective decisions regarding non-acceptance of DTEK Trading’s bid proposals and non-admission of the later to tender competition.

18:03 / 9 August, 2018