About us

The Exploration&Production Consulting (EXPRO) is a group of leading consultants to keep our customers abreast of latest developments in the Ukrainian oil, gas, and power sectors. We are timely highlighting the key trends in the market, providing   coverage of operations of  public and private companies, that upstream, transport, downstream, and trade in hydrocarbons, as well as profoundly highlighting developments in power generation, distribution, consumption, and state regulation thereof.

The EXPRO Consulting company was established in 2016 by oil, gas, and power sector columnists, who are  striving to create a professional media venue for private and  public companies, where they can exchange views, learn about competition and latest  technologies applied in oil, gas, and power sectors. EXPRO is a pioneer company to  timely serve its customers with regular weekly overviews on prices, volumes of production, import, export, and transit operations in natural gas and oil, thus steadily earning trust  of  Ukrainian and international production companies and commodity traders.

We are proud to be the first and sole agency that have launched the EXPRO Gas&Oil and the EXPRO Electricity online weekly and monthly periodicals in Ukrainian and English. From the very first issues, our publications have quickly found  loyal readers among Ukrainian market players, and keep on expanding their readership with new international companies exploring Ukraine for business opportunities.

Due to expertise of our team coupled by trust earned from Ukrainian market players, we have organized conferences and workshops in Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv, for  international energy professionals to meet their Ukrainian counterparts and discuss key issues in oil&gas upstream, and to promote new technologies for E&P service sector and trade in natural gas in Ukraine. Additionally, EXPRO does custom-tailored market research to encompass trends in oil&gas production, services, and trade of energy commodities. Our experts have proven expertise in profound analysis and skills in data acquisition from various sources, including the ones beyond of general public access.