RATING 100 EXPRO is the first special project in Ukraine to feature the top oil&gas companies of Ukraine. The rating is based on company questionnaires, official fiscal accountancy, as well as on independent expert evaluations. The Rating encompasses the leaders of the Ukrainian oil&gas sector including natural gas producing, trading, distributing, drilling, and servicing companies. A special chapter highlights leaders in corporate social responsibility (CSR), and nominates consulting and law firms servicing oil&gas sector.


Methodology Applied

RATING 100 EXPRO is aimed at spurring investment via transparency, and at fostering CSR practices among stakeholders in Ukrainian oil&gas sector. The Rating applies reliable, consistent and consolidated data from various sources, thus being transparent and excluding unfair representation of participant companies

The Rating primarily and mainly uses data from company’s official quarterly fiscal accountability & performance statements submitted by companies on a regular basis. All data for the Rating comes from open public sources and coupled by additional information, which is voluntary released by participant companies.

Chapters of RATING 100 EXPRO

The Best Oil&Gas Companies

The general evaluation of market stakeholders, that highlights their revenues & profitablity over the rating period.

Natural Gas Production
  • Gas Production Companies (licensed gas production companies of public and private ownerships, international joint-ventures)
  • Dynamics of capital investments into E&P of natural gas
  • Dynamics of natural gas production and its volumes
  • Dynamics of assets growth within every participant company
  • Drilling, Engineering, R&D, and Service companies