Oil & Gas production and service companies continuously face with the numbers of difficulties: unstable hydrocarbon’s prices; overwhelmed market with the traditional technology providers; industrial decarbonization, etc. In order to keep stable production at the existing fields, operators have to solve numerous challenges such as expanses optimization, investment planning, involving of the financial and technical partners, implementing the most suitable and profitable reservoir exploration strategies.

Based on the market knowledge and expertise, EXPRO Consulting offers outsourcing services for the technical challenges that production and service companies may have. Our professionals are establishing new business line - EXPRO Technologies. This new department will be managed by oil&gas professionals having practical experience at the North America and wide range of knowledge acquired from the international petroleum institutions.

ExproTech can assist and provide consulting services for the potential customers at the following technical areas:

New and used equipment selection. Our specialists have enormous work experience with the drilling and stimulation equipment for horizontal and vertical wells operations. We can assist customers with the selection of heavy equipment such as drilling rigs, coiled tubing and nitrogen units, fluid pumpers, snubbing and workover rigs. In additional we can help with the downhole tools supplying. It can be mud motors, MWD systems, coiled tubing tools, including fracking-thru-coil and fishing BHAs. Wide network of appropriate contacts and well established communication with the local&overseas equipment manufacturers, allows us to find the best commercial offers for our customers in fast and responsible manner. Moreover, we have partner-companies who have technical ability to produce or customize equipment with the specific parameters requested by the customers.

Technical solutions and engineering supervising. Today’s upstream market is overwhelmed with the companies, technologies and professional manpower that all together can perform huge range of services based on turn-key approach. However, sometimes it happens when producers face unordinary tasks, which have to be solved fast, safe and economical reasonable for the company. In many cases such challenges appear very unexpectedly and accordingly there is limited time to solve them. Usually such solutions are patented and protected by authority rights. ExproTech constantly stays in loop with the newest technologies at the market and has established contacts with many unique service providers. For instance, we can offer exclusive technologies for ROP increasing; CT well-tractor devices for completion operations; snubbing technologies; complex fishing solutions; formation-safe and environment-friendly methods for waterflood through the injection wells; hydrogen production solutions, etc.

Industry trainings. We strongly believe and follow the values that the main task of every company is to make their workers to come back home safe&healthy. Especially when job at the wellsites is performed by powerful equipment and people deal with extremely hight pressure, temperature and often severe environmental conditions. In many cases general training might not be enough to completely understand how particular unit or tool works. That is why our company can help to organize trainings directly from the manufacturer of the equipment, workers are going to work with. Such trainings always involve field professionals and technical interpreter specialized on the oil&gas terminology. Except that, ExproTech can assist with the organization of most common oilfield safety trainings based on the international standards. Educational events can be organized for field personal, engineers, managers or any other industry related workers.The locations are usually Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Lviv, Odessa or customer’s production site. Full list of necessary trainings are discussed and selected based on clients’ individual needs.

Workshops. The trial project for our company - is organization and hosting industry workshops and seminars. Two basic scenarios can be possible - for the production companies and for the service contractors. An idea of the first one is to create a group called “community of the best practice”. It means oil&gas companies that have exploration activity at the same formation or have very similar challenges with a production process are getting together. To this meeting we also invite representatives from service, government and educational organizations and give all of them an area for the discussion and finding “best practice” for solving above mentioned challenges. For the service contractors, at the same time, can be very difficult to find new customers for their new developed technology or equipment. What is more, for the overseas service providers difficulties often occur with the initial establishing and promotion of the products at the new for them Ukrainian market. Based on many years of experience with the organization of major industry events, EXPRO can get together the group of potential clients and host a technical workshop. This gives service providers an opportunity to introduce their technologies with discussion and presentation of real cases where such products can find successful application. Furthermore, is a chance to find potential business partners in Ukraine.

For the detailed information or any other questions regarding EXPRO Technologies services, please call +38 044 425-55-56, +38 066 494-52-55. Or send your request directly to [email protected]