Research vessel "Iscatel" begins to search for oil and gas on the Northwest Black Sea shelf

Today, June 6 2018, the sole Ukraine’s Research & Survey Vessel ISKATEL is leaving the port of Odesa in search of oil & gas fields in the West-South of the Black Sea Shelf.

This was reported by the Derzhheonadra State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine.

According to the Derzhheonadra, the expedition of the ISKATEL vessel (owned by the Prychernomorske State Regional Geological Survey Enterprise - Prichirnomor DRGP) will last 15 days to conduct seismic and geochemical surveys of Kiliysk-Zmiyiniy ridge and Krylovskiy trough.

As stated by the Acting Head of Derzhheonadra Oleg Kyryliuk, the southern part of Ukraine is the least surveyed but the most prospective area, and only 4 % of the Ukrainian part of the Black Sea Shelf have been surveyed and studied.

“The plans of our Prichirnomor DRGP include complex geophysical and geochemical studies of the 7,000 sq km of subsea and the 3,200 stationary geochemical survey spots to guide future exploratory drilling works. This expedition initiates the next phase in our schedule of works for the subsea exploration”, as stated by Mr. Kyryliuk.

Noteworthy, by the end of November 2016 the ISKATEL vessel had accomplished the first phase of their subsea survey works in the North-West part of the Black Sea Shelf. As estimated by geologists, the 7, 000 sq km area of the Ukrainian Black Sea Shelf can yield at least 40 bil cbm of natural gas.

On September 20, 2018, at the Odesa Offshore International Conference 2018 (ООС2018), the Acting Head of Derzhheonadra Oleg Kyryliuk and representatives of the Prichirnomor DRGPState Regional Geological Survey Enterprise will share their results of the Black Sea Shelf surveys, and tell about reformatted auctions for sale of permits for E&P in natural gas fields of the Ukrainian Black Sea Shelf. Registration is open on the OOC2018 webpage.

11:30 / 6 July 2018

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