Poltava Drilling Company completes drilling of Well No. 48 of the Karaykozivske field

Poltava Drilling Company at the order of Esko-Pivnich Energy and Service Company LLC is completing the construction of the fifth ultra-deep well No.48 at the Karaykozivske field (Kharkiv region) with a TD of 6,350 m.

The well is designed using a new technology that allows commingled HC production from two productive horizons. This is the fifth well of the company designed using this specific technology.

"Improving the efficiency of operated fields is one of the priority tasks of our company. Therefore, we are constantly looking for solutions that will allow us to intensify gas production," Taras Burdeyny, CEO of Esko-Pivnich says.

In addition to the construction of new wells, the company is actively carrying out repairs to existing ones. In particular, capital WO of well No. 32 at the Karaykozivske field was completed in June. The envisaged flow rate of 150 tcm of gas per day and a record volume of condensate - 200 cubic meters per day were achieved.

According to the EIA, the construction of this directional well was carried out using a drilling rig manufactured by Service King Manufacturing (USA) SK 2000 with an electric drive with a lifting capacity of 500 tons, which is operated by the Poltava Drilling Company.

Recall that in early June of this year Esko-Pivnich commissioned well No.1 with a depth of 6,620 m on Kubashivska area in the Kharkiv region with a flow rate of exceeding 100 tcm of gas per day.

Drilling was carried out by a drilling rig of Ukrainian production Discovery Drilling Equipment - SL 2000T-AC-W-500T, with a lifting capacity of 500 tons, operated by a drilling contractor - the drilling company Ukrburservice.

11:55 / 21 July 2021

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