TPPs and CHPPs used 394 K ton of antracite coal for July 2018 power generation

In July of 2018 the Ukrainian TPPs and CHPPs used 394 K ton of antracite, that is 44 % more than in July of 2017, as reported by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

The major consumers of this antracite coal amount were the Sloviansk TPP (160 K ton), the Luhansk TPP (90.4 K ton), the Krivorizka TPP (44.2 K ton), the Chernihivska CHPP (32.1 K ton), and the Darnitska CHPP ( 29.7 K ton).

At the same time, the consumption of fuel coals in July of 2018 was 1.763 mil ton, or 0.4 % more than in July of 2017. Most of this fuel coals were used by the Burshtynska TPP (387.9 K ton), the Zaporizska TPP (294.7 K ton), the Kurakhivska TPP (288.5 K ton), and the Vuhlehirska TPP (205.9 K ton). Thus, in July of 2018 the Ukrainian TPPs and CHPPs together consumed 2.157 mil ton of various grades of coals, that was 6.3 % more than in July of 2017.

15:26 / 3 August, 2018

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