Ladizhinska TPS retrofitted its power unit to 280 MW

The Ladizhinska TPS of DTEK Energo accomplished complete overhaul of power unit №1 to increase its capacity from 190 MW to 280 MW. They also retrofitted their electric precipitator to decrease hazardous emissions by 3.7 times.

According to the company, the capex for the project was UAH 148.8 mil and the repair works lasted for 6 months. “During the repair we retrofitted the unit’s turbine, flue funnels, ignition devices. As the result, the capacity of the unit increased to from 190 MW to 280 MW, that will enable more feed-in of power to the grid system of Ukraine. Special efforts were directed to decrease hazardous emissions into the air. We spent UAH 29.3 mil to reconstruct electric precipitator to decrease outlet dust concentration by 3.7 times”, reports the company.

A part of the funds to improve environmental safety of the plant was allocated from the budget as a payback of the environment protection taxes paid by the DTEC Energo to the town of Ladizhin and Vinitsa Region. For the first stage of the reconstruction the town and the Vinitsa Region administration provided UAH 20.9 mil from their budgets.

“Over 2012-2017 our company paid UAH 667 mil in environmental tax to Vinitsa Region. This amount is equal to installation of electric precipitators in all five power units of the Ladizhinska TPS… We will continue to cooperate with the local authorities in this format. The successful completion of the first repair projects proves that this format can be expanded over the whole country”, said DTEK Energo’s General Director Dmytro Sakharchuk.

The second stage for retrofitting of electric precipitators at the Ladizhinska TPS will start in 2019. The total cost of the works will be UAH 82.3 mil. The full implementation of the project will decrease hazardous emissions in order to comply with EU environmental requirements and norms.

12:36 / 16 July 2018

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