Donbasenergo decreased its 1H 2018 exports by 31.5 %, or to 26.5 mil kWh in total

The Donbasenergo Public Joint Stock Company decreased its 1H 2018 exports by 31.5 % ,if compared to the 1H of 2017 exports, thus supplying only 26.5 mil kWh in total. The company had only 0.85 % share in the nation’s exports of power over the first half of 2018.

The company’s export revenues reached $1.44 million, that is a 37.6 % less than in the 1H of 2017. In the 1H of 2018 the Donbasenergo company supplied 11.3 mil kWh to Hungary (2.5 times less than in the 1H of 2017), 414 thousand kWh to Romania (23 times less than in the 1H of 2017). However, the company found new customers in Poland, who buying 14.9 mil kWh in the 1H of 2018. Noteworthy, there wasn't any exports to Poland in the 1H of 2017.

The major buyers of the Donbasenergo company included Polenergia (14.9 mil kWh, or 56,3% share in company’s 1H 2018 exports), GEZ Group (7,9 mil kWh, or 30,1%s share in company’s 1H 2018 exports), GEN I (3.5 mil kWh, or 13,3% of the company’s 1H 2018 exports), and Neptun S. A. (45 thousand kWh, or 0,17% of the company’s 1H 2018 exports).

The power was sold for $25 per 1MWh to Romania in April of 2018, and varying to $61 per 1 MWh during March 2018 exports to Poland.

16:00 / 25 July 2018

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