Burisma has acquired a new coiled tubing unit by NOV produce

The International Energy Group Burisma has acquired a new HR680CTU coiled tubing unit manufactured by the US NOV Hydra Rig with an injector pull of 36 tons, a 38.1 mm diameter coupling-free pipe, and the operating pressure of up to 70 MPa. It is intended for a wide range of operations, including drilling, development, intensification and well overhaul. 

According to Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeynyi, the new powerful coiled tubing complex can be used to carry out technological and work-over operations on gas and gas condensate wells going more than 6000 m deep. 

“The launch of new equipment enables efficient well overhaul and maintenance works. The use of coiled tubing technology will help improve the quality of works done on wells and strengthen the Group’s fleet, ” noted Taras Burdeynyi.

 Earlier, Burisma Group acquired 3 nitrogen units manufactured by NOV Hydra Rig (USA) and CAT (Germany).

“We have set up all our equipment so that we can autonomously carry out all exploration & production works. The use of coiled tubing will allow us to significantly increase productivity and cost-efficiency, as well as to perform tasks that cannot be done with composite pipes, ” said Taras Burdeynyi.

Coiled tubing refers to using 20 km long flexible pipes instead of pump-compressor pipes. It is mostly used for interventions in oil & gas wells, as well as horizontal and sidetracks, for well overhaul (including hydraulic fracturing), drilling, and geophysical surveys. The special feature of flexible pipes is that they can be safely used at a sealed wellhead, that is, without killing it. This helps eliminate the negative impact on the reservoir and wells. The use of coiled tubing technology together with the nitrogen complex allows the development of wells using foam systems. The level of liquid is reduced to the required depth, and the wells are flushed with gaseous nitrogen.

10:00 / 12 October 2018

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