US LNG Export in June decreased by 2.7% to 5,9 bcm

In June, the USA exported 5.9 bcm of gas to Europe, which is 2.7% less than in May of this year. The drop in supplies is likely due to the shutdown of one of the largest LNG plants, Freeport LNG in Texas.

France imported the most gas – more than 1.1 bcm, and the increase was only 5%. Spain imported less than 1.1 bcm, which is 27% less than in May. The Netherlands steadily imports more than 800 mcm of gas for the second month in a row.

Italy increased LNG imports by 2.3 times - from 265 to 600 mcm. Other European countries also increased imports, for example, Lithuania imported more than 300 mcm (+ 63%), and Belgium about 290 mcm (42%). Greece has over 280 mcm (+38%), Portugal 210 mcm (+103%). In turn, exports to Great Britain decreased by 59% - from 725 to 300 mcm. Exports to Turkey also fell by 33% and amounted to about 210 mcm.

Despite a slight decline in LNG exports to Europe, this month the US surpassed Russia in exports volume for the first time in history. Supplies from Russia in June amounted to about 5 billion cubic meters, and the USA exported more than 5.9 billion cubic meters, which is almost 20% more.

In general, the export of LNG from the USA for the month decreased by 2.8% - to 9.4 bcm. In May, LNG exports amounted to 9.7 bcm. A slight decrease was observed in European supplies by 2.7% - from 6.1 to 5.9 bcm. At the same time, supplies to Asian countries decreased by 37% - from 2.3 to 1.4 bcm. Gas supplies to the countries of South America and Central America increased by 42% and 109% - to 1.3 bcm and 410 mcm, respectively. Also, deliveries to the Middle East almost doubled - from 207 to 410 mcm.

From the beginning of July, a noticeable decrease in the volume of exports to Europe and a decrease in total exports to the USA is expected. At the same time, according to the operator Freeport LNG, LNG production is planned to resume only in October this year, and the production trains will reach full capacity only by the end of the year.

In total for six months, the USA exported almost 60 bcm, which is 23.7% more than in 2021. Most of all gas - about 42 bcm - was delivered to Europe, which is 2.5 times more than last year.

15:50 / 6 July 2022

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