Ukraine start commercial electricity exchanges with Romania on June 30

Ukraine will start exporting electricity to the European Union on June 30. On 27 June, ENTSO-E Continental Europe TSOs confirmed that Ukrenergo, together with operators from Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, had fulfilled all necessary technical pre-conditions.

In the first phase, the available transfer capacity on interconnections (export/import) will be allocated only at daily auctions, limited to 100 MW and assessed daily. Only interconnections in the direction of Romania will be allocated at this time. 

"The start of commercial electricity exchanges with the Ukraine/Moldova power system is planned for 30 June on the interconnection between Ukraine and Romania. The electricity trading on the other interconnections (Ukraine-Slovakia, Ukraine-Hungary, and Moldova-Romania) is expected to follow later. The total trade capacity will initially be set to 100 MW in the first phase. After this initial phase, a gradual increase in the trade capacity will be regularly assessed based on power system stability and security considerations", - due to ENTSO-E.

“It could take about a year to meet ENTSO-E requirements to open exports, but like our synchronization, we have managed to do it incredibly quickly. That is why, today, Ukrenergo and other European TSOs can say that we have a great energy victory. It was made possible thanks to the commitment and professionalism of people who worked both on our part and on the part of our European colleagues from ENTSO-E, the European Commission, the Energy Community Secretariat and many others. This step is the beginning of our journey to achievement of global goals. And Ukrenergo is ready for future challenges and a lot of further work,” said CEO of NPC Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytskyi.

In the first daily auction for capacity allocation on the interconnection in the direction of Romania, NPC Ukrenergo sold all available 100 MW at each hour of the day. For this auction, the day of electricity supply is 30 June.

Due to high levels of competition at the auction during most hours, the price at which the auction participants bought access to the cross-border capacity was much higher than the average.

The minimum number of participants in the auction for allocation of cross-border capacity at a certain hour of the day was 7 companies and the maximum was 8 companies. The lowest marginal price for the transfer of 1 MWh was formed only at three distinct hours of the day and ranged from UAH 1.47 thousand to UAH 1.68 thousand. At other hours, the price ranged from 3 thousand UAH/MWh to 6 thousand UAH/MWh (during the evening hours of peak consumption). In previous periods, maximum prices during peak hours in the direction of EU countries did not exceed 3 thousand UAH/MWh.

The auction winners were five companies: Artleks-Energy, DTEK Zakhidenergo, ERU Trading, LE-Trading Ukraine, and Next Trade. Each company bought certain volumes on the interconnection at different hours of the day.

14:38 / 29 June 2022

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