Ukraine has launched a special investigation into the import of drill bits at the request of Universal Drillin

The Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade of Ukraine (ICIT) has launched a special investigation into the import of three-cone drill bits into the country, regardless of the country of origin and export. This is reported by Interfax with a reference to the ad published in the Uryadovy Courier newspaper. The Commission's decision came into force on October 13.

The investigation was initiated based on the statement of the only Ukrainian manufacturer of these products - Universal Drilling Equipment LLC (UDE) - and concerns three-cone drill bits with working parts different from the natural or artificial diamond.

According to the Interdepartmental Commission, UDE provided sufficient evidence that the import of three-cone bits to Ukraine during 2017 and H1 of 2021 grew and could cause significant damage to the national producer.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in the H1 of 2021, the import of bits under the UKTFEA code 8207 13 00 00 to Ukraine amounted to 106 tons for a total of $1.42 million, while exports - 257.8 tons for almost $2 million. Bits were mainly imported from Germany ($0.68 million), China ($0.46 million), and Russia ($0.13 million), and exported to Belarus ($0.64 million), Poland ($0.95 million), and Russia ($0.34 million).

According to the UKTFEA code 8207 19 90 00 during this period, the import of bits to Ukraine amounted to 407 tons for $6.14 million, exports - 151 tons for $1.8 million. Major suppliers were the United Arab Emirates ($1.2 million), India ($1.1 million), China (almost USD 1 million), and Russia ($0.65 million).

As reported by ExPro, Ukrgasvydobuvannya will buy drill bits for UAH 130 million.

Recall that recently Universal Drilling Equipment passed the certification of the American Petroleum Institute (API) under Specification Q1 and received Certificate No. 7-1-1409 on compliance of the cone and PDC bits, which is specified in the technical requirements of the above purchase.

ExPro Reference

Universal Drilling Equipment LLC (until 2010 - Drohobych Bit Plant, later renamed to Universal Drilling Equipment LLC, and since 2016 - Universal Drilling Equipment LLC) is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of drilling tools for the oil, gas, and production industries. According to YouControl, its head is Oleksandr Chenskyi, and the founder is Andriy Bulakh.

17:50 / 20 October 2021

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