The Nominating Committee under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (NCCMU) approves five members to the Ukrenergo’s Supervisory Board

The Nominating Committee under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (NCCMU) approved four out of five nominees as independent members to the Supervisory Board of the Ukrenergo National Power Company State Enterprise. These were Mr. Sevki Acuner, the former Director for Ukraine of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Mr. Luigi de Francisci, the former Regulatory Affairs Director of Terna [Italy’s power system operator-Ed.], Mr. Olivier Appert, the former Director of Electricite De France S.A. [France’s power system operator-Ed.], and Mr. Peder Andreasen, the former Director of [Denmark’s power system operator-Ed.], as reported by our governmental sources.

Also, the NCCMU approved Mr. Sergiy Kushnir, Deputy State Secretary for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine [former Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers and Head of Executive Office of Vice Prime Minister- Ed].

Mr. Luigi de Francisci also used to work in CGES, the Montenegro’s power system operator, and the Italy-based GRTN.

Mr. Peder Andreasen formely chaired the ENTSO-E [the EU network of power system operators, a future membership expectation of Ukraine- Ed.].

All of the above mentioned preliminary screened and approved nominees will be further considered and approved by the Cabinet of Minister. The Ukrenergo’s Supervisory Board should include seven members (4 independent members and 3 state representative members). So, the NCCMU is due to screen and nominate two more candidates to represent the company and the state. The NCCMU’s board is comprised of Mr. Oleksandr Saenko, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Mr. Maksym Nefiodov, First Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade of Ukraine, Ms. Oksana Markarova, Acting Minister of Finance, Mr. Igor Nasalyk, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, delegated representatives for EBRD, IFC, IMF, and Mr. Algirdas Šemeta, Business Ombudsman heading the Business Ombudsman Council of Ukraine.

17:19 / 3 August 2018

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