TAS Energia Krainy LLC launches natural gas exports to EU

Early morning of 30 January 2019, Mr. Sergiy Tigipko’s TAS Energia Krainy LLC  for the first time in Ukraine's history launched natural gas exports to EU.  Even through TAS Energy Country LLC’s piloted natural gas were pumped  through Budince entry-exit natural gas  transmission point of  Slovakia, the volumes was bought by UK Metalex  Limited.

The General Director of TAS Energia KrainyMaksim Dmytruk told that “nominated volumes have been confirmed, and the pumping has started". While  commenting on decision to start exporting to EU, Mr. Dmitruk said: "together  with our European partner we are checking how the customs regimes operate and  how GTS  of the neighboring countries operate.  I want separately to  distinguish the work of Ukrtransgas for their highly professional work.  This  is the first step on the way to  integration of Ukraine into EU energy  community".

As previously reported in the media, several companies plan to test the viability of Ukrtransgas GTS Operator and customs regimes for new types of operations. Natural gas exports became feasible after they lowered tariffs on entry-exit natural gas transmission point of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) from the beginning of 2019. In particular, starting January 1, 2019, the tariff for entry into the GTS was reduced from $ 12.47 per thousand cubic meters per day to $ 6.28 per thousand cubic meters per day (incl.VAT).

With this breakthrough, Ukraine will be able to diversify its role in European markets, being not only the “main conveyor” of Russian natural gas to EU, as well as the importer of natural gas from Europe, but also becoming an independent exporter.

According to Ukrtransgas GTS Operator, the Ukrainian virtual trading point (UAVTP) in 2018 amounted to about 44.4 billion cubic meters, which was 18% more than in 2017. The number of traders working on UAVTP also increased by 10%, as counting roughly  367 natural trading companies .

TAS Energia Krainy LLC, which is part of the group of companies TAS Group established in 1998, is engaged in supply of natural gas and electricity to Ukrainian market. The company, as directed by Mr.  Maksym Dmytruk and owned by Mr. Sergiy Tigipko, is headquartered in Kyiv

10:16 / 30 January, 2019