State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine created a Geological Data-Room for oilfields under PSAs

Until February 4, 2020, Ukraine is accepting applications for participation in three PSA bids for Okhtyrska, Grunivska and Ichnianska oil&gas sites. Their acreages are quite large (over 3,000 square km), the survey and study is time-consuming, and given that achieves are stored at different points of Ukraine the country, the task is quite a challenge.

To make it easier for potential investors to access geological data on these sites, data on which was compiled in 1960s-1970s, the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine (SSGSU) in mid-December 2019 created a Data-Room to feature detailed geological information about these sites.

Now, representatives of companies interested in the upcoming PSA bids for the sites can file online registration on, can have access to a specially equipped premises of the SSGSU (16, Anton Tsedika Strret, Kyiv, Ukraine) to look though the updated electronic databases and paper folios on the PSA oilfields.

The paper folios include geological exploration reports, protocols by the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (with information about neighboring oilfield sites being developed either by private or public companies), unclassified technical and geological feasibility analysis, geological surveys of the wells, and passports for production horizons.

The paper folios were taken from various locations and branches of the SSGSU and placed into the Data-Room for copy-scanning into the national electronic databases.

Thus, they have already digitized 57 geological reports on the Ichnianska oil&gas site, and only 10 out of 70 geological reports per each Okhtyrska and Grunivska oil&gas sites. Unfortunately, the SSGSU cannot digitize all paper documents at once, since arrays of logs are too large amid limited technical capacity.

“Ten years ago, it was very difficult to obtain such information, it was actually impossible. No photocopying was allowed, just manual write out of some figures from the well logs,” said a staffer of the SSGSU.

In a commentary to ExPro the SSGSU’s Chairman Roman Opimakh said that for the first time such conditions have been created for potential investors - a lot of information is in one place, much of which is in electronic format, and free of charge.

An array of valuable digital data is available to crate geological models of the fields. The number of wells drilled, drilling results, prospective horizons data, depths of existing deposits, etc. - all that is offered to potential investors, so that the latters could calculate of the economic feasibility of industrial development of the oilfields.

“One have to pay for access to the primary geological information, but we do give the prospective investor a chance to see what he or she can obtain, say, to give test samples so that he or she know what he or she will pay for, while deciding to compete in the PSA bids and get even more detailed data, ” explained the geologists.

Based on the figures obtained, a professional will be able to understand what was happening in the drilling process, such as why the well was dry vise geophysical data predictions of hydrocarbons availability, either caused by improperly selected dilling muds or some other technological reasons. In addition, seismic profiles are available for some wells as well.

Therefore, experts knowledgeable about advanced data processing and interpretation can discern opportunities, that were somehow overlooked before.

“Reserves previously considered economically ineligible due to inaccessibility can now be profitably extracted through the introduction of the latest technologies. For example, in the 1960's, the depth of perforation when firing a well to obtain samples was no more than 1 m, and now it is 1.5-2 m. Everything is evolving, there are many more opportunities today than a few decades ago,” admitted superintendent geologists of the Data-Room.

About 99% of the information is in Ukrainian and Russian, so foreign investors need to come with local geologists. The SSGSU says that foreign guests have already visited the Data-Room. Limited English data is available only in the form of the so-called CPR (Competent Person Report) about reserves capacity, calculations, production projections.

In addition, there is a virtual Data-Room that is remotely accessible on the Geoinform website on Here is information provided by NJSC Nadra Ukrayny and State Enterprise Ukrgeofizika, including general interactive map of sites, data on each of the three sites (primary geological information, results of geological and economic assessment, production, seismic studies and passports of wells).

Information provided in the data-room focuses on

Ichnianska (Chernigiv Region)

Sofiyivske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Monastyrische (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Shchurivske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Malodivitske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Prylutske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Milkiwske (PRJSC NJSC Nadra Ukrayny)

69 folios of wells,

151 pages of passports of reservoirs,

766 pages on drilling projects,

89 pages of graphical charts and drawings

Okhtyrska (Krarviv Region, Poltava Region, and Sumy Region)

Kachalivske (SE Poltavanaftogazgeologiya)

Bugruvativske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Koziivske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

West Kozyivske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Karaikozivske (ESCO-Pivnich LLC)

Prokopenkivske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Rybalske (PJSC Ukrnafta

1650 pages on projects, reports(geological, seismic) reserves assessments;

275 pages of graphical charts and drawings;

Grunivska (Poltava Region and Sumy Region

Khukhrynske (PJSC Ukrnafta)

Krasnozayarske (PRJSC NJSC Nadra Ukrayny)

Rymarivske (JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya)

Kachanivske (PRJSC NJSC Nadra Ukrayny)

Kulichikhinske (JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya)

Timofiivske (JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya)

Novotroitske (JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya)

Podliskivske (PRJSC NJSC Nadra Ukrayny)

27 folios on wells свердловин;

412 borehole logs (925meter-long);

9430 pages on projects, reports(geological, seismic) reserves assessments;

1632 pages of graphical charts and drawings

According to SSGSU’s Chairman Roman Opimakh, online access to geological information will now be provided on permanent basis, and all auction lots of oil&gas fields under PSA bids will be outfitted with such data. In future, the SSGSU plans to launch a unified Data-Room that will contain all the digitized geological data available at the enterprises and institutions of the SSGSU.

However, everything here is constrained by the scarce financial resources that the state structure has for doing this painstaking work. For example, in the United Kingdom, such issues are not dealt with by the state, rather than by the producers themselves - an information database on hydrocarbon reserves is maintained by the industry association that unites most market players in the sector.

Ukraine might also need to pattern such an approach, so that the SSGSU be able to concentrate on attracting investment to the industry.

09:45 / 26 December, 2019

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