Pechersky court arrested the accounts of Gazotorhova Company

On June 13, 2018, District Pechersky Court of Kyiv approved decision on arrest of the funds of the trader Gazotorhova Company LLC.
According to the investigation, in the course of the pre-trial investigation it was established that the officials of the All-Ukrainian Energy Company (hereinafter – VEK) Gazotorhova Company (GC) LLC, Odesa Portside Plant (OPP), Odesagaz PJSC, in during 2017-2018, acting in the previous conspiracy, as a result of the unauthorized withdrawal of the natural gas, by office abuse, took over the property of Ukrtransgaz PJSC for more than UAH 500 million.
The investigation established that on 02.04.2018 the operator of the GTS confirmed the VEK nomination for the natural gas transportation in April 2018 in the amount of 3 million cubic meters for OPP and notified about the specified transportation volumes the operator of GDN - Odesagaz PJSC.
On 06.04.2018 VEK submitted monthly renomination for April 2018 and increased the amount claimed for transportation to OPP by VEK for April 2018 to 13 million cubic meters and notified Odesagaz respectively.
However, as of the end of April 2018, according to the GTS Operator, OPP consumption was 52. 285 million cubic meters. Thus, the volume of natural gas withdrawn by VEK at the point of exit from the GTS to GDN of Odesagaz in April 2018 and the volume of natural gas consumed by the OPP in April 2018, did not comply and substantially exceeded the volumes confirmed by GTS Operator, indicated monthly nominations and renominations for April 2018.
Before May 12, 2018 VEK did not balance the GTS, in particular, did not return OPP gas consumed above the confirmed volumes and incurred losses to Ukrtransgaz for more than UAH 500 million.
Additionally, damages incurred as a result of inaction of the VEK and GC officials, being the failure to submit nominations/renominations for the relevant OPP consumption volumes, failure to inform the consumer about the lack of gas resources and not providing the adequate financial security for payment of the balancing services.
In addition, during the pre-trial investigation it was found that the possessed gas was treated by OPP to the finished products - carbamide, which currently can be owned by the defendants.
The court decided to arrest the funds of Gazotorhova Company in AB Pivdennyi, BANK UKRAYIN.KAPITAL PJSC, Ukrgasbank AB, TASKOMBANK, ASVIO BANK PJSC, BANK SICH PJSC, AYBOKS BANK, OSCHADBANK, and BANK ALLIANCE.
Separated decision dated June 07 imposed arrest on grade B carbamide in the volume of 3.23 thousand tons owned by All-Ukrainian Energy Company LLC and is located on a barge SNKV-05 and barge SNKV-04.
At the same time, on June 5, 2018 (Case No. 910/6924/18) Ukrtransgaz PJSC filed a lawsuit against the All-Ukrainian Energy Company and Gazotorhova Company on recovery of arrears for natural gas balancing.

14:00 / 3 July 2018

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