Natural gas reserves in Ukrainian UGS surpassed 12 bcm

On August 1, natural gas reserves in Ukrainian underground gas storages (UGS) exceeded 12 bcm, according to ExPro estimates. Storages are 39% full.

The injection of natural gas to UGS in the last month remains stable - 33-40 mcm per day. In total, during July, about 1.08 bcm of gas was injected into storage facilities, which is 10% more than in June 2022.

Since the beginning of this year's injecting season, more than 3.1 bcm of natural gas have been injected into storage facilities.

According to the instruction of the Cabinet of Ministers, at least 19 bcm of gas are planned to be injected into storage facilities before the start of the heating season. Thus, in order to fulfill the instruction, it is necessary to inject another 7 bcm of gas.

It is expected that the volume of gas injection during August will amount to about 1 bcm per month, but they may increase with the increase in the volume of natural gas imports from Europe.

At the beginning of August, Naftogaz stores the main part of gas in storage - more than 10.2 billion cubic meters (taking into account the technical gas of Ukrtransgaz JSC). Private gas production companies of Ukraine store more than 700 mcm of gas in storage. Also, about 1 bcm of gas are stored in storage by private traders, end consumers and foreign companies.

Read more about the operation and balance of the Ukrainian gas market in ExPro Daily Gas and ExPro Gas&Oil Weekly.

Inventories of natural gas in Ukrainian undeground storage facilities

14:09 / 3 August 2022

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