The EXPRO Gas&Oil Weekly

The analytical weekly publication, EXPRO Gas&Oil Weekly, overviews the Ukrainian market of natural gas and oil. The publication highlights E&P of hydrocarbons, drilling, workovers, services, field infrastructure developments, tender announcements by public and private companies.

A special focus is laid on natural gas market to inform subscribers about daily prices for natural gas in Ukraine and Europe for various types of consumers, to highlight volumes of local production, import, transit, inventories in domestic underground gas storage facilities, and to alert about changes in laws and regulations impacting the sector.

The EXPRO Gas&Oil Weekly has the following standing head sections:

  • PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COMPANIES (to provide the latest news about operations of natural gas and oil production companies working in Ukraine);
  • INFRASTRUCTURE AND TECHNOLOGY (to overview infrastructure projects in the sector  and  to introduce of new technologies for oil and gas production);
  • STATE POLICY AND LEGISLATION   (to alert subscribers about key laws/decrees/edicts passed or under review by the parliament, government, and other agencies regulating the E&P market of Ukraine);
  • DISTRIBUTION AND CONSUMPTION (to highlight operations of local natural gas transportation and distribution companies);
  • JUDICIAL PRACTICE ( to track ongoing litigations of production and service companies, natural gas traders, and consumers of natural gas);
  • INTERNATIONAL NEWS ( to inform about developments in the neighboring markets as to natural gas production and trade);
  • GAS MARKET REVIEW( to overview current prices and quotes at open auctions on natural gas, to screen imports from and quotes at the EU gas exchange hubs, to comment decisions and orders issued by the National Committee on State Regulation in Energy and Utilities (NCSREU), and other regulation changes impacting the market).