Derzhheonadra plans their first online auction of oil&gas fields for February-March 2019

In Ferbruary-March 2019, Derzhheonadra (State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine) will hold the first online auction of permits for exploration and development of 30 oil&gas fields of Ukraine. This was reported to Expro's correspondent at a panel session at the Mining World Ukraine 2018 trade show on October 10, 2018, by Mr. Oleg Kyrylyuk, Acting Head of State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine.

“Providing that this October the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passes its Decree on Online Auctions, then we will be able to hold our first online actions of permits at the end of February or begging of March next year”, said Mr. Kyrylyuk, while adding that 30 oil&gas fields of Ukraine, as well as acreages of other mineral resources, could be auctioned.

According to Mr. Kyrylyuk, it was Derzhheonadra, who in late June of 2018 worked out and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the draft version of the Decree on rules and procedures for holding online actions of permits for exploration and development of mineral deposits of Ukraine.

“As of current, it [the draft version of the Decree-Ed.] has been submitted for final approval by the Prime Minister, and it is likely to have already been signed”, commented further Mr. Kyrylyuk, explaining that such online auctions will simplify access of investors interested in development of Ukraine's mineral resources, and will exclude direct communication or interaction of bidders with Derzhheonadra’s officials, thus enabling the former to transparently submit their bid proposals right onto the online platform.

“As of lately, we have invited more than 5 companies, who are running electronic bid platforms online, as inviting them to take part in the tender for setup of online bidding in Ukraine”, said Mr. Kyrylyuk, noting that the winner of this tender would be determined in a month or so. Furthermore, the projected online bid platform will release to interested bidders the geological surveys of the fields being auctioned, their geographic coordinates, and other pertinent information necessary for taking final decisions by prospective and interested bidders.

17:34 / 10 October 2018

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