Gazprom reduced gas supplies to Europe by a third in 7 months of 2022

According to the results of the work of 7 months of 2022, the Russian Gazprom reduced natural gas supplies to far abroad by 35% (or 40 bcm) - to 75.3 bcm. The company's press service reports this.

"Gazprom supplies gas according to confirmed orders," the Russian company added. Gazprom explains the reduction in gas supplies to Europe by a significant reduction in gas consumption in Europe (-31 bcm). However, it is obvious that it was Gazprom's actions that led to a sharp reduction in supplies.

Gazprom's gas production in the first seven months of 2022 fell by 12% to 262 bcm. In July, production fell by 36% (13.4 bcm). It should be noted that the drop in Gazprom's production is much greater than the drop in gas production in Ukraine, where Russia came with the war.

Russian gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream Turk Stream Ukraine and Yamal

According to ExPro calculations, Gazprom delivered about 51 bcm meters of natural gas to Europe (excluding Turkey) in January-July 2022, up 40% (34.3 bcm). Russia delivered the main part of gas through the Nord Stream - 28.7 bcm (-14%), through Ukraine - 13.9 bcm (-46%), through the Turkish Stream - 7.1 bcm(+7%) and through Yamal - 1.4 bcm (15 times less than last year).

The drop in Russian gas supplies is increasing every month. Thus, in July 2022, Gazprom delivered about 3.8 bcm of gas to Europe, three times less than last year (11 bcm). It is also the lowest value since at least 1992.

Russian gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream Turk Stream Ukraine and Yamal

17:35 / 1 August 2022

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