DTEK’s power exports dropped by 1.8 % totaling 3 bil kWh in the 1H of 2018

The DTEK group of companies (DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia and DTEK Trading) exported 3.005 bil kWh over the 1H of 2018 to EU and Moldova, that is a 1.8% drop if compared to the 1H of 2017. DTEK had a 95.9% share in national total exports of power.

Despite the quantative drop, the company increased money revenues by 18.8 %, as earning $157.6 mil. In January-June of 2018, the group increased its exports to Hungary (+12,6%, or 1.826 bil kWh in total) and Poland (+15% , or 708.4 mil kWh in total), while dropping in supply to Slovakia(-35.6%, or 59.1 mil kWh), Romania (by 19 times, or 6.8 mil kWh in total), and Moldova (-41,8%, or 403,9 mil kWh in total). Most of the group’s power exports (2.481 bil kWh, or 82,6% ) were sold to affiliated traders in Poland (DTEK Trading SA) and Hungary(DTEK Hungary Power Trade).

The remaining exports were channeled though EU partner traders: Enegrocom S. A. (403.9 mil kWh), Axpo Trading (56.6 mil kWh), GEN I (53.6 mil kWh), and Energy Financing Team (8.6 mil kWh).

The DTEK group exported power at prices varying from $20 to $70 per 1MWh. Thus, DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia exported for $20-$70 per 1MWh to Poland (in January) and Hungary(in April), while over $70 per 1MWh were earned from exports to Hungary(in January). Exports to Moldova were at $55.6-$58 per 1MWh.

15:25 / 24 July 2018

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