DTEK will retrofit their Krivorozska TPP to burn gas coals

DTEK Energy Holding is developing a retrofit project for their Krivorozska TPP to burn gas coals instead of antracite coals at least on one of the plant’s power generating units by the end of 2019, as reported by Mr. Maxim Timchenko, DTEK’s CEO.

“Next year we will do our bests to fully convert Krivorozska TPP from using antracite coals for power generation… By the end of the next year Krivorozska TPP shall use only gas coals”, said DTEK’s CEO, while adding that the company plans to retrofit at least one 300 MW power generation unit to use gas coals. As to the time framework of such retrofits, Mr. Timchenko said that they would start the overhaul works right after the 2018-2019 heating season.

“Apparently, it will happen in the 3Q of the next year. Currently, we are developing the project documentation to launch the overhaul works right after the 2018-2019 heating season. But the strategic goal stays – to fully convert the power station to use gas coals”, reported Mr. Timchenko.

The DTEK’s CEO admitted, despite that Krivorozska TPP will need 1 MM of antracite over the next year, the company is striving to decrease volume of using this scarce and shortage coal grade.

“There still remains Luganska TPP, as you may know, which can not be supplied from the government controlled territories, and which is dependent on coal supplies from the Russian Federation. There are certain difficulties with supplies of coal, but we are working to resolve them. If tensions with the Russian Federation stay as they are now, we will switch to coals from the United States or from the South African Republic “, commented Mt. Timchenko.

Additionally, the later informed that DTEK is also considering a possibility to retrofit Luganska TPP to use gas coals. However this could be feasible provided the railway connecting Luganska TPP and the government controlled territories were restored.

“As to Luganska TPP, we should build a railway to transport gas coal supplies to Luganska TPP from the government controlled territories. I think, this is one of the burning issues of the government of Ukraine. The issue has been dragging for several years, thus enclosing Luganska TPP to a production island dependent on coal supply from Russia only. That is why, the government of Ukraine should provision this railway in 2019 plans. On our part, providing such provisions are planned, we get down to developing retrofits to switch the plant from antracites to gas coals", added Mr. Timchenko.

17:27 / 19 October 2018

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