The court has recovered half a million from Integral-4 for non-payment of rig lease

The Commercial Court of the Poltava Region considered a lawsuit from Ukrnaftogazinvest LLC against the defendant - Integraal-4 LLC – on the recovery of UAH 510 thousand of arrears.

On 29.08.2017 Ukrnaftogazinvest and Integral-4 made a lease agreement for equipment set of a drilling rig Massarenti MR7000.

From January 19, 2018 to April 4, 2018, services for the lease of equipment for a total of UAH 3.2 million were rendered. In addition, the act dated 04.04.2018 for UAH 100 thousand UAH was provided for signing, but as of today it was not signed by the defendant. The provision of the services under this act was confirmed by the corresponding daily drilling reports (daily reports).

As of 07.08.2018, UAH 2.8 million were paid. The parties have concluded an additional agreement No. 3, by which they decided to credit the payment of UAH 600 thousand as repayment of the lessee’s debt.

The court decided to satisfy the claim in full and recover UAH 330 thousand of lease arrears, UAH 150.4 thousand fines, UAH 16.2 thousand of inflation losses, and UAH 13.3 thousand of 3% per annum.

10:00 / 9 October, 2018