MIK Trade will supply wellhead X-mas tree valves for UAH 115 mil to UkrGasVydobuvannya

On September 28, 2018, UkrGasVydobuvannya held a tender auction for procurement of wellhead X-mas tree valves for an expected threshold price of UAH 145 mil including VAT. The procurement is expected to be done within 150 days from the date of signing of contract. The tender included 109 sets of various wellhead X-mas tree valves, namely:

1) 53 sets of wellhead valves of АФ6-65х35K1 by GOST 13846-89;

2) 51 sets of wellhead valves of АФ6-80/50х70К1 by GOST 13846-89;

3) 5 sets of wellhead valves of АФ6-80/50х105К1 by GOST 13846-89.

There were five competitors at the tender: Trade House MIK Trade LLC, Alfa Petroleum Company, MIK LLC, KONOTOP VALVES PLANT JSC, and Honghua International CO., Ltd.. The final session of opening bid proposals showed that it was Trade House MIK Trade LLC (directed by Mr. Sergiy Shapovalov), who outcompeted everybody with their final proposal to procure the above mentioned sets of valves for UAH 115 mil including VAT. The winner is waiting for official award notification from tender board committee.

In February 2018, UkrGasVydobuvannya also held similar tender for procurement of 112 sets of wellhead X-mas tree valves. At that time, the winner of the tender was MIK LLC(directed by Mr. Sergiy Riabov), who commited to do the procurement for UAH 110 mil including VAT. Additionally, in May of 2018, there was one more UAH 6 mil tender for 8 sets of wellhead X-mas tree valves. However, none of companies wished to bid, and the tender was cancelled.


17:05 / 1 October 2018

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