ENERGY: Companies continue work in Russia and Belarus

Naftorynok, EnergoBusiness, Expro Consulting together with the market participants prepare the list of international companies, who despite sanctions continue doing business in Russia and Belarus. Political regimes of those two countries are acting aggressively with Ukraine.

We constantly prepare and updates this list for the next business areas:

  • production and service;
  • refinery and transportation;
  • trading and retail;
  • power engineering;

The information about companies in the list was taken from confidential as well as from public sources, mostly - these are license holders and equipment suppliers, without whom the energy industry supposed to freeze due to lack of local analogs.

The goal of the project: initiate the pressure from the government and international authorities aimed to the parents companies, who keep doing business in Russia and Belarus after February 24,2022. Such pressure should be applied until no financial and trading relationship left with the Russian and Belarusian customers, all the branches and representatives offices are closed, all the warranty and other technical support are not available in those countries. Using sanctions to make ECONOMICAL crush for the Russian and Belarusian regimes.

Reason: February 24,2022 Russia used Belarus territory started the war with Ukraine. Aggressor uses land forces, missiles, marine and air forces. The attacks are aimed mostly on civilian targets (residential buildings, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, maternity houses, etc.), as well as military targets (defensive and other infrastructures). As for March 14,2022 there are confirmed death of: 85 children, more then 3000 civilians, 1300 militaries.

We urge all the industry professionals to joint our projects and send information about companies you know and who continue to work in Russia and Belarus. Please use next email for contact us: [email protected]






«Энел Россия»

Electricite de France (EDF)


Uniper SE





Schneider Electric


GE.MI. Power Solutions

ООО «Российское представительство GE.MI POWER SOLUTIONS»




General Electric*наша-компания/ge-в-россииснг




Anritz Separation


Uranium One








T Machinery a.s


* companies have just stopped future investments and projects

Russian companies in the world:

SUEK - Siberian Coal Energy Company

There are offices in Europe:

a) UAB SUEK Baltic, UK Branch

Address: 25, Second Floor, Northridge Business Center, Northridge, Meadow Street, CW9 5BF


SUEK AG manages the group's revenues in the international market through a network of representative offices and divisions in countries strategically important to SUEK.

Address: Baareststraße 37, 6300, Zug, Switzerland

(c) SUEK Polska Ltd

Address: Arkonska 6, building A4, Gdansk 80-387, Poland

d) Barter COAL Sp. z o.o.

Address: st. Sinkewicz 40A, Białystok, 15-004 Białystok, Poland

e) UAB SUEK Baltic

Address: Ave. Constitutios 7, Vilnius, LT-09308, Lithuania


Mechel - Coal Mining Company (Energy and Metallurgical Coal) + Metallurgy

Mechel Service Global ( is an international sales network that sells metal products and coal of Mechel Group companies. The company includes subsidiaries in Western and Eastern Europe. The office is located in The Hague, the Netherlands.

It will be recalled that lists of foreign companies in the oil refining sector operating at oil refineries in Russia and Belarus were published earlier.

19:11 / 17 March 2022

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