The EXPRO Electricity Monthly

The EXPRO Electricity Monthly includes monthly reviews on power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electricity, as well as production volumes of key energy commodities (coal and fossil fuel) their volumes supply  to thermal plants in Ukraine.

The publication provides statistics of in-country power generation, performance data of key power generation companies, describes coal production by public and private companies.

The EXPRO Electricity Monthly releases aggregate statistics on exports, in-country distribution and   consumption of electricity. The publication analyzes key trends in domestic electricity market, provides aggregates data, and publishes comments from market stakeholders thereto.

A special focus is laid on price situation in the market. The subscribers are informed about  ex-works prices offered to the market by generating companies, receive overviews on transfer and wholesale prices, various tariffs and retail prices of conventionally generated electricity, as well as “green” tariffs for alternative and renewable power generators, as approved and set by the domestic state regulators.

At the end of every month the EXPRO Electricity Monthly analyzes and publishes data on exports of power to EU and Moldova during the past month. In a separate  chapter, the publication describes key governmental decisions impacting the market.

The EXPRO Electricity Monthly has the following standing head sections:

  • GENERATION ( nuclear/thermal power plants);
  • ALTERNATIVE GENERATION (solar/wind/hydro/bio energy plants);
  • EXPORTS ( volumes, prices, forcasts, state regulation and market impacts);
  • TRANSFER AND DELIVERY (transmission and distribution operations of Ukrenergo as the unified grid operator, performances of regional distribution and vendor companies, opportunities in procurement of equipment and expendables for grid support & maintenance);
  • STATE REGULATION (key laws/decrees/edicts passed or under review by the parliament, government, and other agencies regulating the electricity market of Ukraine);
  • INTERVIEW (interviews with representatives or key managers of energy companies, equipment suppliers, R&D entities, governmental officials, and other renowned and recognized energy professionals).