The EXPRO Gas&Oil Monthly

The analytical monthly publication,  EXPRO Gas&Oil Monthly Review, summarizes operations of oil&gas production and service companies over the latest month. It also familiarizes readers with new technologies being or having been introduced, as well as highlights the latest, recent or future sector infrastructure projects.

Every issue has interviews with industry professionals, who share their views and discuss t developments in the market. A special chapter provides aggregated data on production, drilling works, oil&gas price dynamics, balancing of gas production, import and consumption of oil&gas.

The EXPRO Gas&Oil Monthly Review has the following standing head sections:

  • OVERVIEW OF PRODUCTION ( to provide a profound  analysis of oil&gas production by public and private companies, schedules and plans of drilling works, workover and other service works performed, and future projects planned);
  • INTERVIEW ( to introduce key managers in  natural gas production and service market, as well as natural gas traders and other oil&gas professionals);
  • INTERNATIONAL MARKETS (to highlight key developments in neighboring countries as to production, trade, introduction of new technologies for production, service, well stimulation, implementation of infrastructure projects in the field);
  • GAS MARKET OVERVIEW (to analyze prices for oil&gas in Ukraine and EU during the past month, forecasts for the next month, volumes of import, transit, and consumption of natural gas by regions of Ukraine).