Baker Hughes and Ukrburgas hit a drilling record high of 686 m a day

Baker Hughes and Ukrburgas hit a drilling record high of 686 m a day

Baker Hughes, an international oilfield service company, and the Poltava Drilling Department of the Ukrburgas Drilling Division (internal contractor of the JSC UkrGasVydobuvannya) set a daily record of drilling, having penetrated 686 m down the wellbore pf Well №74 in the Hadiach oil and gas condensate field, as reported to ExPro by Anton Kolesnychenko, Director of Baker Hughes Ukraine.

Drilling was performed with a German-made Bentec SR 6500 450 ton drilling rig. Baker Hughes provides bit service for drilling of the well, using a PDC bit series Dynamus DD606S with diameter 311.15 mm. The bit is designed to achieve the highest possible drilling speed. The bit is equipped with Stabilis ™ X Reinforced Cutter, a double chamfer of the cutting edge increases the impact resistance and durability of polycrystalline elements. King Cutters are used in the cone bit with 25 mm cutters and 19 mm diameter incisors. The MaxCut ™ Milled Bit Body Reliefs technologies are also used for the maximum depth possible when cutting a solid rock.

The entire assemble of Tricon, PDC, Kymera 17.5 / 12.25 / 8.5 / 6 inches showed successful performance in the current operation. In total, Baker Hughes operates more than 70 bits in Ukraine, and is constantly replenishing its warehouse in Poltava with new advanced bits.

The intentions to drill an inclined assessment-operational Well №74 at the Hadiach oil and gas condensate field were posted into the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Register on October 4, 2019, and received a permit to carry out the job in September 2020. According to the EIA Register, the depth of Well №74 is 4,790 m (4,865 m along the wellbore), construction is planned for 315 days using a Bentec drilling rig with a capacity of 450 tons, in order to achieve a projected gas inflow of 15 tcm- 70 tcm per day.

Currently, Baker Hughes provides bit service at 4 wells of the JSC UkrGasVydobuvannya, which are under enhanced drilling operations. The company offers chisel service by "meter", provides chisels and a support engineer to guide the drilling works. After the workout possible, the chisels are sent for restoration to Germany.

A previous record high of drilling by the JSC UkrGasVydobuvannya was hit back in February 2020, when its Ukrburgas Drilling Division managed to penetrate by 527 m down the wellbore of Well № 116 at the Vesnyanivke gas condensate field. Prior to that, a record high penetration of 439 m also belonged to the Ukrburgas Drilling Division, while drilling Well №150 at the Zakhodne- Sosnivske gas condensate field.

Noteworthy was another achievement of Baker Hughes in Ukraine, as having drilled with just one bit down to 1,925 m deep, which was also unsurpassed indicators for Ukraine.

ExPro Help: The Hadiach oil and gas condensate field oil and gas condensate field, developed since 1975, is located in Poltava region. Productive horizons of 10 m-50 m at depths of 4 515 m-4 950 m were found in the quartz sands of the coal strata with 4 gas condensate deposits found.

The Hadiach field, as the first of other 25 fields targeted, was selected by the Naftogaz Group for 3D model back in 2020. Thanks to the 3D modeling, in particular the reproduction on the model of the dynamics of development and features of stock drainage, the right location was chosen, and the production Well №71 at the Hadiach field was drilled, that resulted in 95 tcm of natural gas per day produced.

Baker Hughes Ukraine LLC was founded in 2009 by Baker Hughes Nederland Holdings BV (99.99%), and is headed by Anton Kolesnychenko. In Ukraine, the company offers chisel service, geomechanical modeling, software products for geological modeling of deposits, and much more.

Anton Kolesnychenko, Director of Baker Hughes Ukraine