Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant starts lifetime extension works at NPP unit №5

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant starts preparatory works for lifetime extension of its NPP unit №5, as reported by the company’s press service.

“We are moving with our schedule of works for extension of lifetime of NPP units. This is the forth NPP unit we are retrofitting for lifetime extension. Our personnel have rich expertise . I am confident that we will timely accomplish the tasks we are vested with”, as stated by Oleksandr Ostapets, General Director of Zaporizhzhya NPP’s.

According to Zaporizhzhya NPP’s press service, unlike NPP unit №3 and unit №4, the NPP unit №5 will undergo two scheduled preparatory retrofits. The Zaporizhzhya NPP’s engineering and maintenance personnel have acquired rich expertise in NPP unit lifetime extension works over the last three years, that gives grounds for optimism in accomplishing life extension retrofits at NPP unit №5 in time.

16:35 / 4 December, 2018