Ukrtransgaz set up 7 production divisions and a branch called System Storage Operator of Ukraine

As reported on the website of Ukrtransgaz, the newly created branch System Storage Operator (SSO) of Ukraine absorbed all necessary personnel and assets. This step finalized the next stage of Transportation System Operator of Ukraine (TSO of Ukraine) unbundling.

The SSO branch will provide natural gas storage services and ensure efficient and uninterrupted work of the 11 underground storage facilities.

To this newly created branch Ukrtransgaz transferred 2,000 employees together with a number of operations and maintenance divisions in charge of underground gas storages (UGS) located throughout Ukraine, namely:

Proletarsky UGS (Kharkivtransgaz pipeline),

Myrne UGS (Kyivtransgaz pipeline),

Bogorodchansky UGS (Prykarpatransgaz pipeline),

Dashawskoe UGS,

Oparske UGS,

Stryy UGS Uhersky UGS (Lvivtransgaz pipeline).

Mr. Bohdan Maksymchuk was appointed the Head of SSO of Ukraine branch. As priory, Mr. Maksymchuk is tasked to complete the full segregation of gas transportation and gas storage responsibilities, and to prepare the independent operation of this branch after the legal separation of the gas transportation function starting 01 January 2020.

In the process of unbundling of gas storage into a separate business unit, during September –December 2018 Ukrtransgaz split areas of responsibilities of Lvivtransgaz gas transportation pipeline, Prykarpatransgaz gas transportation pipeline, and Cherkasytransgaz gas transportation pipeline. Thus, they created 4 gas transportation branches, which by 01 June 2019 will be integrated TSO branch after legal separation with Ukrtransgaz by 01 January 2020.

By way of reminder, TSO of Ukraine branch was established on December 1, 2017. Currently, its 292 specialists are working in the TSO of Ukraine rendering operational, financial, commercial and legal services to ensure gas transportation and balancing services, planning, purchasing, and cooperating with TSO operators from other countries.

Earlier, in September 2018, the Supervisory Boards of Naftogaz and MGU signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agreed the Roadmap regarding the unbundling of TSO of Ukraine.

19:02 / 21 December, 2018