Ukrnaftoburinnya will order coiled tubing and directional drilling services

Ukrnaftoburinnya announced 2 tenders for the commissioning of well service development services by means of coiling and nitrogen installation and services for controlling the well tract during drilling, published on May 5 and 6, 2019, respectively, on Smarttender system of public e-procurement of and on its own website, ( According to bid announcement Ukrnaftoburinnya is looking for contactors for:

  • 1. Implementation of works on the development of Well №14 of the Sakhalinske gas field with the help of coiled tubing and nitrogen services.

More detailed information can be found in the procurement section of "Documentation for the Tender".

The plan of works is as follows:

  • Deploy a workover rig
  • Deploy a drawworks and TIH a XN plug and a XN tooth at a depth of 4535.2m
  • Empty the tubing into a slurry tank
  • Fill the well with a solution of sodium chloride (Nacl) with a gravity of 1.05. The pressure of 540 atm was measured at a depth of 4528 m. Balance the pressure in the well using water with an appropriate density inside the tubing
  • Nipple down the wellhead and install BOP
  • Discharge the tubing and detach the seal latch
  • POOH and inspect the tubings
  • SIMOIL with a bullet-shaped mill and proposed packer asseble
  • Assemble 60.3 mm drill pipe string with a ball shaped mill and a rigid layout for the OD and expand if necessary to 105 mm diameter for packers
  • Assemble and RIH a 73 mm Voestelpine tubing with V.A Superior connection
  • RIH the Weatherford packer to the depth of 4533.68m
  • Flush in one cycle using technical water with oxygen absorber and inhibitor.
  • After flushing, latch tubings onto a seal locater
  • Install the tubing on the hanger and run a seal test of the wellhead
  • Install anchor latch and packers according to SIMOIL results
  • Complete downhole installations and demobilize the workover rig
  • TIH the coiled tubing to 3000 m and pump nitrogen
  • Flowback the tubing to 2900 m depth
  • Pressurize and POOH XN Tooth
  • TIH the coiled tubing to 4500 m and, start poor-boy operations, and put the well into production mode.

The works should be started on 15 July 2019.

  • 2. Services for controlling the trajectory of drilling of 215.9 mm deviated Well № 42 of the Sakhalinsky gas field with the help of (zenith angle and azimuth) oriented hydraulic guides at wells number 42 at the KOP at 2500-3500 m. More detailed information can be found in the procurement section of "Documentation for the Tender".

According to the tender documentation, the following parameters should be specified in the offer:

  • Cost of equipment mobilization (per one operation)
  • Cost of operation or simple control of the trajectory of the well during the drilling of with the help of the help of zenith angle and azimuth oriented hydraulic guides (31 days)
  • Cost of equipment maintenance (for 31 days)
  • Cost of equipment maintenance (per one operation)
  • The cost of demobilization of equipment (per operation).

The works are to be rendered within August 1 - September 1, 2019, and start not later than 5 days from the date of the contract signing date.

Individuals and legal entities are invited to bid. Bids should be submitted exclusively in electronic format through the electronic trading platform (ETM), and their opening will take place at the end of the submission period.

The deadlines for submitting bid proposals through the ETM is 10 and 12 June 2019, respectively.

ExPro Reference:

PrJSC «MC «Ukrnaftoburinnya» (chaired by Mr. Mikhail Bakunenko) is one of the largest private gas producers in Ukraine. Since 2010 it has been developing Sakhalinske oil and gas condensate field (Krasnokutsky district, Kharkiv Region). The main activities of the company - production of natural gas, gas condensate, and oil.

The volume of gas produced by the PrJSC «MC «Ukrnaftoburinnya » in 2018 amounted to 533 million cubic meters in natural gas and 72 thousand tons in light oil/gas. The company has put into operation its own gas pipeline (37km) connecting the Sakhalin gas field and the Shebelinka-Kyiv national gas transmission pipeline corridor.

18:30 / 6 June, 2019

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