Ukrnaftoburinnya gains oil and gas inflow at a newly commissioned well

PrJSC MC Ukrnaftoburinnya has successfully commissioned  the second well  starting  2019. Upon testing the formation level С-6b of well № 39, they got  a commercial inflow of oil and gas with a daily oil production of 70 ton and  15 thousand m3 in natural gas (on a 7 mm choke).

The well № 39 opened Serpukhovian deposits in a separate tectonic  blockenabling production from  the new targeted reservoir . The formation and  reservoir production pressure makes the company optimistic about future yield  of the well.

Reportedly, in 2018 Ukrnaftoburinnya Private Joint Stock Company increased  their natural gas production at Sakhalinske gas filed natural gas by 32% (+  173 million m3) up to 714 million m3, as well as the production of gas  condensate by 60% (+ 30 ktons) up to 80 ktons.

EXPRO Reference:

Ukrnaftoburinnya Ukrnaftoburinnya Private Joint Stock Company is one of the  largest private gas-producing companies in  Ukraine. Since 2010, it has been  developing the Sakhalinske  oil and gas condensate field (Krasnokutsky  district, Kharkiv region).

The main activity of the company is the production of natural gas, gas  condensate, and oil. The company operates twenty-eight gas condensate, oil  and  natural gas wells. As part of the joint operation agreements, it  operates ten additional gas condensate wells. In 2018, Ukrnaftoburinnya  produced 533 million m3 of gas and 72 ktons of oil and gas condensate.

15:06 / 4 March, 2019