Ukrnafta plans UAH 5.5 million for pump equipment

Ukrnafta announced a UAH 5.5 million tender for procurement of various pumping equipment, as reported on 1 March 2019 on SmartTender e-procurement portal.

In Particular , Ukrnafta is looking for suppliers of the following pumping equipment:

Tendered Equipment Expected Price without VAT Number of Units ukrnafta’s recipient division
Pump WILO Helix V1613-1/25/E/KS/400-50 make or matching type 79 936,00 2 Gnidintsy gas processing plant
Pumping unit of Д1250-65а/6 make or similar type, skid mounted electric engine 173 120,00 2 Dolyna gas processing plant
Pumping unit of CN SEAL-M 65-40-315 make or matching type 842 875,0 2 Chernihivnaftogas Division
Pumping unit of АЦНСгМ16-306 or matching type 715 000,00 3 Chernihivnaftogas Division
Pumping unit of АНЦП 50/50 or matching type 209 358,00 1 Chernihivnaftogas Division

Bid Proposals shall be submitted by 7 March 2019. The tendered equipment shall be supplied by June 2019.

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Ukrnafta is the largest oil&gas producing company of Ukraine. In 2018, Ukrnafta’s produced 63.6% of the nation’s production of oil and gas condensate, and 5,5%. of the domestically produced natural gas.

The company operates a fleet 28 drilling rigs to develop 1928 oil and 165 natural gas wells. Ukrnafta owns 537 gasoline filling stations located throughout Ukraine.. 50%+1 share of Ukrnafta belongs to Naftogas of Ukraine National Joint Stock Company.


15:25 / 4 March, 2019