Ukrenergo should become not only a certified, but also a financially "healthy" operator - Energy Community

The NEC Ukrenergo should become not only a certified and independent system operator, but also a financially "healthy" company for the further integration of Ukraine into ENTSO-E.

This opinion was expressed by Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director of the Energy Community Secretariat on April 20, 2021, in response to a question from the ExPro correspondent during the conference "Transition from the Green Tariff to Market Conditions".

We definitely need to unbundle and certify Ukrenergo, but we also need to make Ukrenergo financially viable," he said.

According to Bushle, today Ukenergo suffers from the company's obligations to pay the cost of electricity from RES, the share of which in the transmission tariff already reached 60%.

Buschle added that payments for RES electricity could take place through the NEC UKrenergo as the system operator. "It should not be part of the transmission tariff, because not all consumers pay this tariff, even according to the law. The NEC Ukrenergo shows us information on non-payments to support "green" energy. This is an unhealthy situation that needs to be addressed," said Dirk Buschle.

As to the financial viability of the NEC Ukrenergo, according to Buschle, the NEC Ukrenergo should be not only independent but also financially "healthy".

"The recent law is an important step forward and a great foundation for unbundling and certification of the NEC Ukrenergo, but we have to study it in detail," Buschle added.

As earlier reported by ExPro, on April 15, 2021, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted in second reading the Draft Law №3364-1-d on the certification of the transmission system operator NEC Ukrenergo, which promotes the integration of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine into ENTSO-E.

10:32 / 26 April 2021

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