Ukrainian Railways plans to buy 32 million cubic meters of natural gas

On 09 January 2019, Prozorro e-procurement platform published 4 tenders to be held Center for Production of Ukrzaliznytsia PJSC looking for supplier of 32 million cubic meters of natural gas for UAH 388 million (incl.VAT). They announced three 94.6 million tenders and one UAH 104.2 million tender. The threshold price for the natural gas to be supplied was set at UAH 11,833 UAH per thousand cubic meters. Solicitation documents on the tender can be obtained by 01 February 2019, and one can challenge the terms and conditions of the tenders by 07 February 2019. The deadline for submission of bid proposals is 11 February 2019.It is possible to apply for clarification on the tender by February 1, and to appeal the terms of purchase until February 7. The bid auction will be held on 19 March, 2019. The regular gas deliveries shall be done until December 31, 2019.

Last year, Ukrainian Railways did not purchase natural gas. In December 2017, Ukrainian Railways announced 3 tenders for procurement of 47 million cubic meters natural gas for the total threshold price of UAH 468 million (incl. VAT). At that time, the two tenders were contested by Investservis LLC, and the remaining one tender could have been outcompeted by Gas Trading LLC. But all tenders were canceled due to the lack of at least two bidders for each of the tenders.

19:37 / 19 January, 2019