The company of CEO of Ukrtransnafta Mykola Gavrilenko made his gas debut at Ukrainian Energy Exchange

OnMonday, 7 October , the first auction for the sale of natural gas on Ukrainian Energy Exchange (UEEX) was held by SKF Trade House LLC, owned by Mykola Gavrilenko,CEO of Ukrtransnafta.At its first auction, SKF Trade House offered for sale 500 thousand m 3of the November resource, divided into 10 lots with 50 thousand m 3 in each lot.The starting price was 6 000 UAH / thousand m 3 on prepayment basis.

Delivery is possible both even or uneven batches based on agreement between parties within the total contractual amount. The first gas trades on the UEEX failed for the company,and on Tuesday, 8 October, SKF Trade House again offered for sale 500 thousand m 3of their November booked nomination sat starting price of  6,000 UAH / thousand m 3.

In addition, today Naftogaz Tradingis offering for sale 1 million m 3of the October nomination sat 5 138.64 UAH / thousand m 3and 1 million m 3 of the November nomination sat 6 239.34 UAH / thousand m 3. Poltava Petroleum Companyis offering 2 million m 3 of October nomination sat 5 100 UAH / thousand m 3, 2 million m 3 of November nomination sat 6 100 UAH / thousand m 3, and 2 millionm 3of December nomination sat 6 500 UAH / thousand m 3.

Craft Energy is putting up for sale 500 thousand m 3  of October nomination sat 5 100 UAH / thousand m 3, 500 thousand m 3 of November nomination sat 5 400 UAH / thousand m 3, and 500 thousand m 3of gas from their UGS booked resources at price 5 120 UAH / thousand m 3. ExproReference: SKF

Trading House main activity is the sale of petroleum products and related services. The company is located in Kyiv and is directed by Pavel Antonyuk. The ultimate beneficiary of the company is Mykola Gavrilenko, the current CEO of Ukrtransnafta

16:25 / 8 October 2019

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