SE Guaranteed Buyer for the first time sold RES electricity by source of origin

On August 6, 2021, the SE Guaranteed Buyer sold for the first time on the site of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange (UEEX) volumes of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) by the source of their origin (SPP, WPP, biomass, and small HPPs); the state-run enterprise sold the entire of 55 MW with delivery in September 2021 at sale prices in the range of 1301 UAH/MWh -1806 UAH/MWh.

The results of the trades were published on the website of the UEEX.

In particular, the SE Guaranteed Buyer sold 20 MW of block nominations of electricity produced at solar power plants (SPP) with 8:00-18:00 hourly schedules and 10:00-16:00 hourly schedule at sale prices higher by 40% and by 20% compared to the starting ask price, or at the final sale prices of 1806.20 UAH/MWh and 1542 UAH/MWh, respectively.

The company also sold a base load of 10 MW produced by wind power plants (WPP), at the sale price of 1796.4 UAH/MWh, which was by 44.3% higher than the starting ask price.

In addition, the SE Guaranteed Buyer sold 20 MW as baseload block nominations for all days of 01:00-13:00 hourly schedules electricity from biomass and biogas.

The entire nominated volume was sold at the prices of 1786.7 UAH/MWh (baseload) and 1300.9 UAH/MWh (block nominations for all days). The 5 MW baseload from small HPPs was sold at the price of 1789 UAH/MWh, which was by 44% higher than the initial nominated starting ask price.

The companies buying “green” electricity from the SE Guaranteed Buyer included: the D.Trading LLC, First Electric Company LLC , the Barvinok Electric Company LLC, the New Energy Ukraine LLC, the Lebedyn Seed Plant, the Energoinvestproekt LLC, the System Electric LLC, the Artlex-Energy LLC, the MHP Eco Energy LLC, the ETG LLC, the Status Energo LLC, the Centrenergozbut LLC, and the United Energy LLC.

11:39 / 9 August 2021

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