PGNC plans drilling at 2 wells of Ignativske and Novomykolaivke fields

JV Poltava Gas and Oil Company (PGNK) plans to drill well # 143 of the Ignativske field with a depth of 2400 m and drill a side track at the well # 75 of Novomykolaivske field with a depth of 1900 m, and then connect them to the oil-gas treatment plant. This is stated in the register of the EIA on November 25, 2019.

Casing of the side tracks of both wells with high tight casing is provided.

It is planned to use existing oil and gas pipelines from these wells to oil-gas treatment plant, whose length is about 3180m for well # 143, and 4050m - for well # 75.

Expected volumes of natural gas production for well No. 143 are up to 70 thousand cubic meters per day, oil - 3.6 tons / day; for well No. 75 - up to 26 thousand cubic meters / day of natural gas, it is stated in EIA.

15:05 / 25 November, 2019

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