Only a third of RES generation to receive compensation against dispatch restrictions on March 28 - Ukrenergo

On March 28, 2021, the NEC Ukrenergo limited the generation of electricity from RES to a total capacity of 754 MW during the day, with only 254 MW for RES connected to the national grid to receive compensation for unproduced electricity, as announced on March 30, 2021, by the NEC Ukrenergo’s press center.

"From 11:34 to 15:37, dispatcher commanded for 3 times to restrict SES and WPP generation by the total of about 754 MW, of which only 254 MW was able to give commands through the RES Restriction Management System, from which, according to market rules, are taken data to compensate the dispatch restrictions to RES generators," the statement said.

It was also noted that the unloading commands were issued on the basis of non-discrimination and proportionality, in accordance with the requirements of the Transmission System Code.

On that day, there was a surplus of 25 million kWh, and record high NPP produced electricity reaching 63.5%, amid maximum RES generation capacity at 2.5 GW. The NEC Ukrenergo press center noted that a producer of RES electricity can count on compensation only if its power plant is connected to the Ukrenergo’s Restriction Management System, and providing the station is equipped with telemetry to submit relevant data to the system operator and to perform all dispatcher commands.

“For RES electricity producers who have not joined the public contract for load reduction and are not connected to the RES Restriction Management System and do not have the opportunity to generate primary documents and ensure the transmission of telemetry data in real time, there will be no grounds to receive payment for load reduction services,” said in the statement by the NEC Ukrenergo.

18:31 / 5 April 2021

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