Him-Trade LLC will supply 7.8 million cubic meters of natural gas to Sumykhimprom PJSC

December 4, 2018, Sumykhimprom PJSC concluded a UAH 94.9 MM contract with Him-Trade LLC for supply of 7.8 million cubic meters of natural gas. The contract’s average price for the natural gas supply is UAH 12,168 per one thousand of cubic meters, with delivery by 31 December 2018. Him-Trade LLC ( directed by Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy) was the sole bidder, so Sumykhimprom PJSC did not hold any tender for this procurement.

The last tender by Sumykhimprom PJSC for procurement of 7.6 million cubic meters of natural gas at the threshold price of UAH 95.7 MM was outcompeted by Status Trade LLC. The latter bidder offered the price of UAH 12,600 per one thousand of cubic meters of natural gas, and supplied the contracted batch by the end of November 2018.

Sumykhimprom PJSC is a chemical plant producing mineral fertilizers, cement additives, acids, titanium dioxide, iron oxide pigments, ameliorants for soils, aluminium sulphate coagulants, iron sulfate for fodder industry, iron copperas, and sulphuric acids

14:15 / 4 December, 2018