Gazprom booked extra 14.2 mcm daily capacity for gas transit through Ukraine in March 2021

The Gazprom bought 14.2 mcm a day for march 2021 at the auction of booking capacities at the Sudja gas interconnection point according to results of the auction published on the RBP platform.

The Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU) offered for sale 15 mcm per day of additional capacity on a guaranteed basis, while intermittent capacity for March 2021 was not offered. Thus, Gazprom reserved almost all possible capacities nominated on the RBP platform. Noteworthy, similar to March 2021, Gazprom used to book a similar amount of interstate gas interconnection capacity for its transit in February 2021.

Thus, together with the capacity under the current contract (109.6 mcm per day) in March 2021, the maximum daily volume of Russian gas transit through Ukraine will be at 123.8 mcm a day, as it is in February 2021, not counting possible additional bookings on a daily basis.

At the same time, the structure of supplies through Ukraine will change somewhat in March 2021. Thus, Gazprom plans to increase gas supplies to Europe instead of supplies to Moldova and Romania. At the Uzhhorod / Velke Kapushany point, 7.08 mcms of daily capacity were booked at the auction of gas interconnection capacity booking for March 2021. Noteworthy, for February 2021, capacities in the latter direction was not booked.

At the auctions of gas interconnection bookings for March 2021, there were 5.11 mcm per day (out of the stated 27.7 mmc auctioned) booked for transit to Moldova at the Grebenyky gas interconnection point for the transit of Russian gas to Moldova and Romania. That was more than twice less than in February 2020. Thus, 2.88 mcm per day (out of the nominated 32.02 mcm) were booked at the Kaushany gas interconnection point for entry into the Ukrainian GTS from Moldova. At the Orlovka / Isacca-1 point (Romania), 2.79 mcm per day of additional capacity were also booked (out of the 17.19 mcm per day auctioned).

In addition, they booked 2.01 mcm per day (out of the announced 5.81 mcm nominated) of guaranteed capacity for gas supplies to Moldova through the Oleksiyivka gas interconnection point. Compared to February 2021, guaranteed deliveries through Oleksiyivka slashed by 37%.

16:05 / 15 February 2021

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