Energoatom Initiates NPP Tariff Increasing by 52% to 86,13 copecks per kWh

NNEC Energoatom initiates NPP electricity output tariff increasing by 52% to 86,13 copecks per kWh (2,84 eurocents per kWh) for 2019. The company reported about it March 6. This initiative will be discussed at public hearings appointed on March 12.

According to Energoatom, in 2019 electricity output tariff has to be 86,13 copecks per kWh (2,84 eurocents per kWh) and heat energy tariff – 138,93 hryvnyas per gigacalorie (4,58 euros per gigacalorie). The company estimates additional labour expense at rate 2,31 billion hryvnyas (761,8 million euros). The new expenditures are determined by increasing the stuff by 397 workers.

The deficit of capital expenditures is estimated at rate 9,29 billion hryvnyas (233,3 million euros), deficit expenditures for repairs are 351,36 million hryvnyas (11,6 million euros). Under offered tariff electricity production total revenue would be 67,6 billion hryvnyas (2,23 billion euros) and heat energy production revenue is assessed at rate 223,3 million hryvnyas (7,36 million euros).

Electricity production is planned to be 83,745 billion hryvnyas (2,76 billion euros).

As ExPro reported, on December 12, 2018 the National Energy and Utility Regulation Commission decided to increase Energoatom’s tariff for 2019 by 1,6% to 56,67 copecks per kWh (1,87 eurocents per kWh). At the same time Energoatom offered to increase its tariff by 28,1% to 71,43 copecks per kWh (2,36 eurocents per kWh).

16:00 / 6 March, 2019