DTEK Oil&Gas finished drilling of a new 5605 meter deep well №61

DTEK Oil&Gas completed drilling of Well №61 at Semirenkivskyi gas field. The directional borehole, with a depth of 5 605 meter and deviation of 380 m, was drilled to explore the margin of the deposit. The well is in a test mode now to determine optimal production method. There is an inflow of hydrocarbons as result of this exploratory drilling, as reported by the company.

The drill works was done by Belorusneft company using Drillmec 1500 HP drilling rig of 2014 make. Belorusneft used drill bits, composition of bottom-hole assembly and downhole drilling motors of NOV make and engineering supervision from Schlumberger with rotary steerable systems of the latter. Completion of the well at the production horizon was done with swellable packers, thus evading accidental impact of cementation on the productive reservoir of the formation.

To achieve good quality of borehole at the production interval with abundant tight sandstones in place, they used formation-friendly oil-based invert emulsion muds from Geosynthesis Engineering. This enabled waste-free drilling as fully compliant with nowadays environmental standards in worldwide drilling industry.

“Our company is doing deep drilling on levels with complicated geological conditions, that is why every decision we take is aimed at achieving maximum results. To do this, we invest into innovative technologies, use state-of-art equipment, and engage leading companies of the industry into our projects. With this approach, we have managed to accomplish drilling of well №61 one month ahead of the initial schedule on top to the accomplishment of all due studies and works for intensive production development of the formation”, said Mr. Igor Shchurov, General Director of DTEK Oil&Gas.

19:16 / 21 January, 2019