DTEK Naftogaz invests UAH 3 billion into natural gas production technology to go 7,000 meter deep

DTEK Naftogaz in 2019 plans to invests UAH 3 billion into invovative technologies for natural gas production , as stated at the 10th Ukrainian Energy Forum by DTEK Naftogaz’ CEO Igor Schurov.

Due to system investments and modern technologies, the company has managed to increase its gas production by more than threefold over the last 4 years , or from 0.5 billion cubic meters to 1.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

In addition, Mr. Igor Shchurov shared the company’s plans to produce from 7,000 meter depths, and to become a pioneer in extra deep drilling in Ukraine. This becomes realistic, since stability and favorable fiscal regulation in gas production have been established in Ukraine, thus enabling gas producers to prioritize their capabilities to increase gas production.

16:08 / 4 March, 2019