Cheap gas set for households is bluntly resold at commercial market - Naftogaz

The commercial companies, receiving gas from Naftogaz at a special price to supply it to household consumers, were abusint it with redales at market prices for industrial consumers. This was announced by the Director of Integrated Communications of the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine Maksym Bilyavsky.

According to the information received by ExPro, Naftogaz has signed annual contracts for the sale of gas at a fixed price not only to YE Energia LLC, but also with 19 other gas suppliers. Among them there are only 5 regional and city gas utilities (cities of Odessa, Ternopil, Lugansk, and Mariupol). The remaining 13 buyers include commercial gas suppliers, some of whom were previously unknown.

In particular, among private suppliers, the largest volumes of gas were received by the Megawatt Energy Service Company (General Director O. Bashkalenko) - 34 mcm, by the Energy Trade Group (General Director V. Shvedky) - 21 mcm. By 10 mcm per each were received by the Agrosynthesis Trading LLC (R. Akhmetova), and by the ERU People LLC (ERU group of ex-Deputy Chairman of the Board of the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine A. Favorov).

The cheapest gas among them was granted to the Megawatt Energy Service Company LLC at 7.9 UAH/cubic meter.

According to the market player polled by ExPro: "If gaszbuts [gas distribution companies-Ed.] still get the bulk of the Naftogaz-discounted fix-priced natural gas, and supply it to households, traders just bluntly resell it in the commercial market twice the purchase price.. That is, the main profit on state gas is made through traders. That's why part of the gaszbuts were deprived of the Naftogaz-discounted fix-priced natural gas ."

According to published data, gaszbuts from Poltava, Cherkasy, Kherson oblasts, and Kyiv did not receive the cheap household gas for retailing. Also, gas was not provided to district and city gas distribution companies of towns of Shepetivka, Korostyshev, Melitopol, and others.

Well-known private suppliers (the Askania Energy LLC, the TAS Energy Country LLC, the Galnaftogaz LLC, etc.) also were not entrusted with household gas for retailing.


Gas supply companies that have signed annual contracts with Naftogaz Trading

Company Price, UAH/tcm (with 20% VAT) Volume, mcm
1 YE Energia 7 420 6 000
2 Naftogaz Ukraine LLC 7 420 2 213
3 Odesagaz Postachannya 8 200 510
4 Ternopiloblgas 8 200 278
5 Luganskgas Zbut 8 200 250
6 Ternopilmiskgas 8 200 80
7 Donetsk Energy Services 7 900 44
8 Margaz 8 200 40
9 Megawatt energy services company 7 900 34
10 Energy Trade Group 8 200 21
11 Agrosynthesis Trading 8 200 10
12 ERU People 8 800 10
13 Gaspostachservice 8 200 2,76
14 VEK Palivenergy 8 200 2,74
15 Volynelectrozbut 8 200 1,00
16 Kyiv Energy Services 7 900 0,94
17 Prykarpatenerhotreid 8 200 0,80
18 Dnipro Energy Services 7 900 0,53
19 Zakarpattyaenergozbut 8 200 0,43
20 Gasovik 8 800 0,01
13:05 / 29 July 2021

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